AI Contract
Pixys Joak


Carrie Northcutt (Stallion Owner)

(Mare's Reg. Owners)

Transported Semen Breeding Agreement for Servicing Stallion: 
Pixys Joak- AQHA # 3448210, IBHA # T-17243, NFQHA # F02323
Subject to the Following Conditions

1. That the breeding season will begin in March 1st and end July 1st. Possible extensions can be made if stallion owner agree. During the term of the year 2004 breeding season, the farm will transport the stallion to veterinarian for semen collection.

2. Semen must not be used to attempt to impregnate a mare other than the one described in this contract without prior written consent of the stallion manager.

3. Mare owner must obtain (and pay for) all necessary permits for all applicable breeding registries in a timely manner. Stallion owner is responsible for all stallion permits. If breeding an AQHA mare, refer to current AQHA rules on artificial insemination in handbook.

4. AQHA RULES: (a). Semen must be used within 72 hours. (b). Must complete portion of the collection & insemination form. (c). Return form to AQHA within 15 days of insemination. (d). Foal resulting from A.I. must have it's pedigree verified by genetic testing, all expense of which will be the registration's applicant. Stallions have been DNA tested.

5. Mares being bred other than 30 day post foaling must send stallion owner proof of a negative uterine culture taken within two months of breeding date. The culture is to be taken in the mare's heat cycle.

6. Stallion owner shall be notified at least 7 days advance notice before ANTICIPATED date of shipment. Stallion owner MUST be notified by 7 PM CDT the day BEFORE semen is to be shipped to assure shipment. No collections will be done on Saturdays or Sundays.

7. Mare owner must pay a $30 refundable deposit on the shipping container with a signed contract. Deposit must be paid for on or before shipment. Deposit minus any charges will be returned when the mare is confirmed in foal and shipments are no longer required. The deposit is returned, if and only if container is returned. There will be a $10 per day late return fee for every day past 10 the container is not returned. The shipments will be set up between stallion owner's veterinarian and mare owner's veterinarian.

8. First shipment charge is $150.00 for two vials for two inseminations. Shipping fees will be deducted from container deposit.

9. Breeding and collection fees paid in full, in advance, come with a Live Foal Guarantee. A live foal is defined as one who stands and nurses without assistance and lives for at least one day.

10. If mare is fails to produce a live foal, then same mare is or a substitute approved mare will be entitled to a free (excluding collection and shipping charges) season the following year only as long as all the provisions in the contract are met.

11. Different mares may be used for rebreeding when stallion owner is informed.

12. Should the above named stallion die or become unfit or unavailable for service and the mare is not in foal then this contract becomes null and void and any fee paid as part of this service is non-refundable.

13. The mare owner shall bear all loss or risk to their mare, whether by death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise and by any cause whatsoever, and therefore releases Triple Cross Quarter Horses and Carrie Northcutt harmless for any and all damages associated with the semen collection, insemination and subsequent breeding of said mare.

14. That when Triple Cross Quarter Horses signs and returns a copy of this agreement to mare owner it will be then a binding contract on all parties. Subject to all above terms and conditions.

15. If Stallion Service is purchased through an Stallion Service Auction, the mare owner is responsible for collection, shipping and extra chute fees or mare care. Other guarantees of the Stallion Service Auction contract will be provided by the committee of the auction.

16. A copy of the mare's registration papers must accompany this contract to verify the mare to be bred.

Mare to be bred:________________________________________________________

Registry/Number:_______________________________________Age of Mare:______

A booking fee of $50 shall accompany this signed agreement and the balance of $300.00  Stallion Service Fee for Pixys Joak , $30.00 container deposit fee and $150.00 collection fee to be paid in full, in advance of collection.

Accepted by:__________________________







Approved by:_________________________
(Mark or Carrie Northcutt)

Booking Date:________________________