Live Cover Contract
Pixys Joak

Live Cover Stallion Service Contract Between

Carrie Northcutt (Stallion Owner) and

(Mare Reg. Owner)

Breeding Agreement for Servicing Stallion:
Pixys Joak- AQHA # 3448210, IBHA # T-17243, NFQHA # F02323

Subject To The Following Conditions:

1. That the mare will arrive with an original copy of her Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) Test drawn within 1 year and a Health Certificate dated 30 days of mare's arrival to the farm where stallion is standing. A Veterinarian certificate of a Negative Uterine Culture is required for all mare’s.

2. That the mare be safe, manageable, easy to catch and halter and of a stable nature to function with a breeding program. If not, owner will be notified to substitute another mare.

2a. That in the event after acceptance of the mare, farm management decides due to the mare’s health, condition or for any other reason it wishes not to continue working with the mare or owner, farm management reserves the right to notify owner, refund any deposit less board and veterinarian expenses and thereby cancel this contract.

3. That the breeding season will begin on March 1st and end August 1st. During the term of the breeding season, the farm will diligently try to settle the mare exercising its judgment and using Veterinarian examination and treatment if deemed necessary. If for any reason, the mare does not settle, the farm, it’s personnel and Veterinarian will be held harmless.

4. That the mare owner has satisfied himself that the farm is competent and it’s facilities adequate for the caring of owners mares and foals, farm personnel or nutritional needs and perform any and all activities associated with caring for owner’s animals at owner’s expense.

5. That all care and Veterinarian expenses will be billed to each owner at the end of each month and will be paid by the 10th of the following month. Mares whose accounts are not current by the 25th after billing will be dropped from the breeding and teasing process until brought current. Overdue accounts will accrue interest at the rate of 1-1/2 percent per month.

6. That Triple Cross Quarter Horses guarantees a live foal. If the mare fails conceive, carry or produce a foal that stands and sucks, then same mare, or substitute approved by Triple Cross Quarter Horses will be entitled to a free season the following year only as long as all provisions of this contract are met. This guarantee will apply if TCQH is notified within one week from date of foaling. This notice must be accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian. If the mare leaves the farm prematurely before the end of the heat cycle in which she is being bred, the live foal guarantee and rebreed clause is null and void.

7. A Breeder’s Certificate will be issued upon report of a live foal.

8. That there exists a clear and present danger at all times to the life and safety of animals of owners and personnel of Triple Cross Quarter Horses or standing farm while they are present and each party agrees to hold the other harmless from and all actions arising from injury, sickness or death to any animals or persons arising from their presence on the farm.

9 That should the above named stallion die or become unfit or unavailable for service and mare is not in foal then this contract become null and void and any fee paid as part of this service is non-refundable.

10. Terms of payment for all expenses are paid in cash, cashier’s check or good personal check so long as the mare remains on the farm. Final payments made at the time mare leaves farm are to be cash or cashier’s check only. No mare will be released to anyone unless all bills are paid in full.

11. No mare will be accepted at farm without a signed contract. Triple Cross Quarter Horses will be given (3) three days notice in advance of mares arrival or departure.

12. If the mare leaves the farm before being declared in foal, it is the mare owner's responsibility to have the mare examined by a licensed veterinarian and notify Triple Cross Quarter Horses within 2 months of the last breeding date.

13. That when Triple Cross Quarter Horses signs and returns a copy of this agreement to mare owner it will be then be a binding contract on all parties. Subject to all above terms and conditions.

Mare to be bred:________________________________________________________


Color of Mare: _______________ Mare Markings: ____________ Age of Mare:______

Sire of Mare: _____________________________________ Reg.# ___________

Dam of Mare: ______________________________________ Reg.# ___________

Stallion Service Fee: $350.00
Mare Care per Day: $6.00 dry, $8.00 wet penned or pasture (feed included) $150 / 30 days
Terms of payment shall be a booking fee of $50.00 shall accompany this signed agreement. The booking fee will be subtracted from the stallion fee. The balance of all charges to be paid in cash or cashier’s check payable to Triple Cross Quarter Horses before the mare leaves the farm.

Other conditions of sale: A copy of the mare’s registration papers is to be attached to this breeding contract. Multiple mare discount shall be a private treaty. Mare’s must all be registered in one owner’s name. Multiple mare discount applies only on live cover not transported semen and if booking fee is paid before 2-28-2004.

Signature of mare owner:________________________________________________

Name (Print):__________________________________________________________


City: _______________________________ State: ____________ Zip:____________

Phone: ( ) :______________________________________________________

Approved by:__________________________________________________________
(Mark or Carrie Northcutt)

Booking Date:__________________________________________________________